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Meet the Artist

Juggling Snowfamily Ornament
As most of you know, all of our ornaments are handcrafted in the United States. What you may not know is that some of our artists pursue their trade full time, while others work a day job and craft in the evenings. As many customers have expressed an interest in learning more about the stories of our artists, this month, we would like to introduce you to one of our very popular artists, June.

The ornaments June makes for our shop are made entirely by hand out of porcelain. She rolls out the clay and then stamps her own designs into it, finishing them by painting the designs by hand. The designs have a simplicity and a sense of whimsy that gives them mass appeal.

View Her Work

June has been working with clay for over 40 years. When she first started she enjoyed making pieces so much that she had enough stock to open her own shop. Success was a mixed blessing though as the shop became so busy that she found herself being pulled away from creating and into the daily life of business. After 15 years she decided that shop keeping was not really what she wanted in life, so she closed the store. She began working as a sales rep to promote her daughter’s crafts. (Creativity runs in the family.) In discussing potential designs with customers, she once again found her way back to designing and creation for her own enjoyment, leading to a wholesale business of her own. Her creations now keep her busy full time, with two part time helpers as well.
Cat Sole Mates Ornament

Island Update

While the recent snowstorm covering most of the Northeast also covered us in a blanket of white, it has been an unseasonably warm winter this year. With temperatures well into the forties, the hibernation of locals has been interrupted, and walkers, joggers and bikers can be spotted on almost a daily basis. It is a very peaceful time of year, and Mainers are always ones to take advantage of a sunny afternoon.

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