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Brian creates his "Bobbin Santas" (pictured on the right) from old wooden bobbins that once revolved on a driven spindle, collecting the developing thread. They became obsolete due to man-made fibers, like nylon, sticking to the wood. Bobbin Santas are often used as candlestick holders.

Meet The Artist

Brian Hall is a Maine artist who uses a mallet and chisel to carve one-of-a-kind Santas from old wooden lobster buoys (floating markers for lobster traps that sit on the ocean's bottom). Brian's carvings are his way of preserving the cedar buoys of the past, which have been replaced with today's Styrofoam and plastic buoys. Lobster Buoy Santas are now available for standing or hanging (pictured on the left). The back of the hanging version is cut flat for hanging on a wall or doorknob.

Brian's "Beardie Santas" and "Net Float Santas" (pictured on the left) are also completely carved by hand. His Beardie Santas, carved from cured pine branches, stand on their beard, made from three small branches, while their face is carved into a larger branch. Brian's wooden Net Float Santas were once attached to the perimeter of fishing nets to allow them to float during trolling. Like the old lobster buoys, wooden net floats have been replaced with today's Styrofoam floats.

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Customer Testimonials

"My friend collects hand carved Santas (which, may I add, are very hard to find) & he is also a lover of the ocean. The combination of the two made the lobster buoy very special." Jerriann from GA.

"The Santa I purchased arrived safe and sound today. Thank you for the great packaging job for shipment. I will enjoy this Santa and remember the wonderful memories of our trip to Maine." Pam from FL.

"We received the Slicker Santa yesterday and he is perfect. He has a happy face and my wife was very pleased. Thank you." Andy from CA.

Island Update

This time of the year the island is quiet, but slowly waking up after a long winter's nap. Some shops, restaurants, and hotels are open while others are closed and making preparations to open in April or May. This month's snow and ice are gone, daytime temperatures are in the forties and fifties and more and more people are getting out and about to enjoy the town. Coffee houses are a favorite gathering spot. Everyone seems to be looking forward to spring, which arrives late in Maine.

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