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School’s out, summer is here, and it’s time for the traditional family vacation. Capture your vacation memories with an ornament from Bar Harbor, Maine’s Christmas Spirit® Shop and we'll pay for standard shipping for all orders placed on its Website by June 30, 2009. To receive this special offer, you must enter the promotional code SUMMER at the bottom of the address collections page during your checkout process. Clay beachgoer ornament
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Are We There Yet?

  Wooden train ornament
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Porcelain ball with cruise ship design
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Getting there is half the fun. Did you take a special train trip? Go on a cruise? Pile the family in the car or an RV? However you get to your destination, there’s usually a fun family story about the trip. Remember it with one of our transportation ornaments. Glass ball with family in car
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  Clay RV with 2 people
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Fun in the Sun

  Brass and copper hiking ornament
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Wooden laser cut biking ornament
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Summer vacations mean fun in the sun. Whether you’re biking, hiking, boating, golfing, or swimming, one of our vacation ornaments is sure to bring enjoyment. Did you “rough it” this year? Whether you were in a tent or an RV, one of our camping ornaments will make a great memento of your trip.

Did you end up with a rainy vacation? There’s lots of fun to be had playing games and shopping, too.
Clay card player ornament
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  Porcelain shopping verse
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Destination Vacation

  Porcelain taxi ornament
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Clay beach chair
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Whether you go to the beach, or the city, or spend time in one of our National Parks, we’ll personalize your ornaments with names and dates to reflect your vacation. Mussel shell with lobster painting
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  Porcelain conserve preserve protect ornament
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Quantity Discounts

  Clay baseball ornament
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Clay female swimmer
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Are you looking for gifts or awards for Little League teams, golf tournaments, swim teams, or maybe corporate gifts or parties. One of our sport/hobby ornaments or our job/career ornaments may be just the thing you’re looking for. This is the last week for quantity discounts. Check our February 2009 newsletter to see our pricing guide, good through June 30. Clay business women
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  Clay computer ornament
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We have hundreds more ornaments commemorating your fun in the sun this summer. Just click on “Vacation Ornaments” in the Navigation Bar of our Website. There you can choose from “Vacation Destination Ornaments” or “Vacation Activity Ornaments” for an individual, a couple, or a group.

Navigation bar on our website.
Vacation Ornaments
Vacation Activity Ornaments

If your favorite vacation spot is the beach, a city, a national park, or the New England region, you’ll find it depicted among our Vacation Destination Ornaments. Whatever you enjoy doing on your vacation, chances are you’ll find it among the 16 Categories of Vacation Activity Ornaments listed here. Click on your favorite activity to find your vacation ornament.


Samantha enjoys the summertime, too. She likes to spend her time outside swimming, especially if someone will throw a Frisbee® to her. When we rescued Samantha, as a young dog, she hadn’t seen much of the world. We had to introduce her to swimming, because she wasn’t sure what to do in the water. A toss of the Frisbee® solved that problem. In fact, she swam so much, she sprained her tail and had to stay out of the water until it mended.

Yellow lab with umbrella ornament
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Samantha swimming with her Frisbee®

These days, she still enjoys swimming, but it is also therapeutic. Her “doctor” indicated it was good exercise for the arthritis in her spine. Going up and down stairs is not good exercise, but nobody told her that!


"I love your website. I've been ordering since 2006 and love every single ornament I've received. I have given some of these ornaments out to others, they make such wonderful gifts! It's been a tradition of ours now to make a new ornament every year for our family. I love seeing what is new on the website, and I daydream over ornaments even when it's not close to Christmas!" Alexandria from MI. "I received my ornaments today - they are so cute! Thank you very much," Michelle from NJ.
"My nieces (ages 7 and 5) just LOVED their Irish Dancer ornaments. If you just could've seen their reactions! Pure surprise! Their parents were also quite surprised by them. Smiles all around! Thanks again for everything you've done!" Gretchen from NY.


July is the start of a busy summer season here in Bar Harbor, Maine. One of the best things about small town life in the summer is the 4th of July celebration. In Bar Harbor, we start things off early with a blueberry pancake breakfast at the town’s baseball field. Later in the morning, both residents and visitors line the streets for the annual parade, which winds its way downtown, delighting young and old. One of the crowd favorites is the Anah Temple Shriners zipping along the parade route in their go-kart race cars, racing on tracks up and over another go-kart. If you happen to be in the front of the crowd, they might even lean over and give you a high-five as they zoom along!
Crowd getting ready to watch the fire works          Photo by Beverly Bono

Boats in the water                                                   Photo by Beverly Bono
After the parade, you can enjoy a seafood festival with lobsters, clams, mussels and corn on the cob. The town is filled with music as bands play in different locations throughout the day. As the sun goes down, it’s time to head to the waterfront to find a spot to watch the magnificent display of fireworks over Frenchman’s Bay.

The boats are all in the water now, ready to take visitors exploring. You can help sail the schooner Margaret Todd, take a cruise on a lobster boat, go out on the whale watch boats, and take guided kayak tours around Frenchman’s Bay. It’s a great way to spend a sunny summer day in Bar Harbor.
80 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

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