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Celebrating our 20th Year
June is a busy month with lots of reasons to celebrate - Father’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations to name a few. Buy any of our ornaments or decorative accessories for these special occasions, and Bar Harbor, Maine's Christmas Spirit® Shop will pay for standard shipping for all orders placed on its Website by June 3, 2009. To receive this special offer, you must enter the promotional code JUNE at the bottom of the address collections page during your checkout process. A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.
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Father's Day

Male golf ornament
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Fathers come in many forms. Sometimes there’s a special grandfather, uncle, brother, godfather, friend, or mentor we want to thank for being part of our lives. Choose a Words of Wisdom Ornament to reflect your “Dad’s” personality, or a Sports & Hobby Ornament, with his name and year on it, that captures the fun you’ve had together.
A Grandfather's love will never grow old, he's a tower of strength with a heart of gold.
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Your “Dad” may also enjoy one of our Vacation Ornaments that commemorates a special time you’ve shared together, or a Job & Career Ornament to show him how proud you are of all he does for you. He’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in selecting a gift especially for him. Hammer ornament
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Weddings and Anniversaries

Bride and Groom ornament
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June is a favorite month for weddings. Personalized Wedding Couple Ornaments make a wonderful way to remember that special day. And don’t forget their anniversary. Whether it’s their 1st, 50th, or any number in between, we have just the right ornament for the Wedding Anniversary Couple.
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Wedding verse serving tray
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Did you know the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary is wood? One of our Handcrafted Wooden Ornaments would be a unique way to commemorate the occasion. You can tell if an ornament is made of wood, or some other media, by reading its description under the picture of it on our Website’s product page. On that same page, you can type your names, title, and year for personalization, and see their location on your ornament. Wedding
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Graduation and the End of the School Year

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June marks the end of the school year. Choose one of our Graduation Ornaments with the name and year on it to mark this important rite of passage. Is your child still in school? Take a moment to thank their teacher with one of our personalized Teacher Ornaments to show your appreciation for their dedication.
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June can also be the month for school proms. If the prom has a theme, such as the beach, you can find just the right Beach Ornament on our Website. You’ll find them under Vacation Ornaments, or by typing the word “beach” in our keyword search box. pair
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Samantha is a graduate, too. After being rescued from a shelter, Samantha needed to go to obedience school to become a well-adjusted member of the family. Of course, she passed with flying colors, as she is a very intelligent and loving dog. She remembers all her commands, and responds to them as instructed. She answers questions well too, especially if they contain the words “walk,” “eat,” or “Frisbee.” Samantha can even tell what time it is. A long stare and a whine reminds you it’s mealtime, in case you’ve forgotten.
Samantha playing with frisbee in the field of dandelions
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While Mom is Sam’s “trainer”, Dad is her playmate. Samantha loves being outdoors, playing Frisbee with her Dad, or just exploring on her own in a field of dandelions.


Satisfaction Guaranteed
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The Christmas Spirit® Shop and Website has guaranteed customer satisfaction for 20 years now, ever since our Shop first opened in 1990, and our Website was first launched in 1998. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products or services, we’ll fix it to your satisfaction, or fully refund your money. We’re in business to delight, not disappoint our customers. You’ll find our “Satisfaction Guaranteed” link on the bottom of every page of our Website.
As a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Christmas Spirit® Shop and Website also follow the BBB Code of Business Practices representing sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.  You’ll find our Better Business Bureau Accreditation Seal on the bottom of every page of our Website. Better
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"Wow, I am surprised that I had placed my order Monday night at 9:00pm and this morning when I arrived home from dropping my son at school my ornaments were here. They are wonderful and just as I had asked. I was a little worried about ordering them over the internet and you being able to understand how I wanted them to look but they are perfect! Missy from NH. "I just received my ornaments today. I ordered three and all were very different. They were more than I expected. Absolutely beautiful and the service was quicker than I expected also. I am delighted to have discovered your site and will make this a yearly tradition." Alana from Canada
"I really enjoy seeing pictures and hearing about Samantha. Our yellow lab, Lacey, died two years ago and I'll always miss her. Seeing pictures and stories about your dog makes me smile - dogs are wonderful! Thank you." Janice from PA


May is a wonderful month on Mount Desert Island with more springtime greening and blossoming every day. Daytime temperatures have been seasonably comfortable in the 60’s, with an occasional summer-like day in the high 70’s. We look forward to June for the start of our busy summer season. Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park are expecting 2 million visitors this year, including 96 visits by cruise ship passengers and crew. Virtually every major cruise ship company will pull into our harbor, including the maiden voyage by the Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria on September 30. Our first cruise ship visit was on May 14 by Holland America’s Maasdam, and our last one is on November 1 by the Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2.
The Maasdam Cruise Ship                       Photo by Beverly Bono

The carriage bridge over Duck Brook        Photo by Beverly Bono
Of course most Bar Harbor’s visitors come by car, and this coming weekend will be one no car enthusiast will want to miss. From May 28 – 31st, over 100 Corvettes from across Maine, New England, and neighboring Canadian provinces will rumble into Bar Harbor and be on display. It’s called “Margaritas in Barharborville.” For more information, visit

Throughout our busy tourist season, “Friends of Acadia” volunteers maintain park resources so visitors, coming by car or cruise ship, will enjoy its awesome beauty. Last year, more than 2,500 volunteers contributed over 12,000 hours cleaning drainage along carriage roads to reduce erosion, re-opening and maintaining hiking trails and vistas, and constructing new village connector trails for serious hikers. Come and enjoy our island!
80 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

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