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Ornaments by GCC

2nd in a series of handcrafted wooden Santa Nutcrackers designed to tell the chronological history of Santa Claus, and how he has grown to become a major part of our American Holiday tradition. Saint Nicholas is the first well-known gift-giver and patron saint to the poor, sailors, and children. He lived in Myra (now Turkey) in about 300 A.D. Born the only child of a wealthy family, he was orphaned at an early age. He grew up in a monastery and at the age of 17 became one of the youngest priests ever. He gave gifts to the needy, and may have started the tradition of Christmas stockings when he tossed a bag of gold into each of 3 sisters’ stockings hung by the chimney to dry.

Glenn is a self-taught American Artist who has been perfecting his work in German Crafts for more than 25 years. His wooden nutcracker figurines take 400 steps to make in the style of German nutcrackers, while his music boxes are just as carefully handcrafted in wood. Glenn’s set of 3D Christmas Village Ornaments are all laser engraved in wood and assembled by hand.

Christmas Church 3D Christmas Village Ornament
Christmas Church
Police Station Wooden Christmas Village Ornament

Police Station
Husky Dog House 3D Christmas Village Ornament

Husky Dog House
Electric Company Wooden Christmas Village Ornament

Electric Company

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