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How To Use Our Website

A. Four Ways To Begin An Ornament Search From Our Home Page:

1. Click on a picture, representing the kind of ornament you're looking for, from the Christmas tree on our Home Page. For example, if you're looking for a sport ornament, click on the picture of the male soccer player ornament titled "Sport/Hobby" on the tree.
2. Use the "Keyword Search" box by typing in a description of the ornament you're looking for, and clicking on the "FIND" button. For example, to find a basketball player ornament, type in "basketball" and click on "FIND."
3. Use the left-hand side navigation bar by clicking on a description of the category of ornament you're looking for. For example, to find a sport ornament, click on "Sport/Hobby Ornaments" under the "Personalized Ornaments" section of the side navigation bar.
4. Use the "Fast Ornament Finder™" by clicking on the "Who is the ornament for?" box, or its select arrow button. For example, to find an ornament for someone who enjoys a sport, hobby or other activity, click on "An Individual - with a sport/hobby/activity."

B. How To Finish An Ornament Search Using Our Index Page, Thumbnail Picture Page, and Order Item Page:

1. Using one of the above four methods takes you to an Index Page for an alphabetical listing of ornaments within the category you've chosen. For example, on the Index of Personalized Sport & Hobby Ornaments Page, you'll find a listing for "Basketball." The number in parentheses next to it shows how many styles are available - i.e. (8) means there are 8 ornament styles available.
2. Clicking on any listing on an Index Page with more than one style of ornament, takes you to a Thumbnail Picture Page showing pictures, names, item numbers, and prices of all available ornament styles. For example, clicking on "Basketball" on the Index Page, takes you to a Thumbnail Picture Page of basketball ornament styles.
3. Clicking on any ornament style on the Thumbnail Picture Page (or a listing of only one ornament style on the Index Page) takes you to an Order Item Page for that specific ornament with a larger picture. For example, the Order Item Page for the DSD-101F Female Basketball Player is shown here.
  • Indicate personalization instructions on the Order Item Page by typing in name or initials, and/or year in the "Personalization Instructions" box. Use the "Additional Comments" box to indicate other requests, such as hair color choices noted in the item description. Enter number of ornaments ordered in the "Order Quantity" box.
  • Order the item on the Order Item Page by typing in the order quantity and clicking the "Add to Shopping Cart" box. Or you may choose to see all basketball items, or other items by the same artist, or return to the Index of Personalized Sport & Hobby Ornaments Page, or return to the Home Page.
      4. Use the same Procedures A & B, described above, to find our non-ornament Christmas Items and Our Services.

    C. How to Place Your Order Online:

    1. Ordering a specific ornament from an Order Item Page takes you to a View Shopping Cart Page so you can see all items in your shopping cart, delete an item, or add to your order. Click the "Checkout" button when you're ready to submit your order.
    2. Clicking the "Checkout" button on the View Order Page takes you to the Order Form Page for the ship to and bill to information. When you finish filling out this form, click the "Review Order Before Sending" button.
    3. Clicking the "Review Order Before Sending" button on the Order Form Page takes you to the Submit Order Page. Here you can check your Order Form for accuracy and make any corrections using the "Back" button. Click the "Submit Order" button to submit your order online.
    4. Clicking the "Submit Order" button on the Submit Order Page takes you to the Order Sent Page. This page confirms that you sent your order and thanks you for doing so. A separate "Order Received Memo" will be e-mailed to you on the same day you submit your order.

    D. How To Place Your Order Offline:

    1. Do not click the "Submit Order" button on the Submit Order Page. Instead, print it and do one of the following:
    2. Phone it in by calling us at 1-800-242-2913.
    3. Mail it to us with your credit card information, or a check, or money order to Christmas Spirit® Shop, PO Box 90, Bar Harbor ME 04609-0090.

    E. Still need help? Click here to contact us via e-mail, or phone us at 1-800-242-2913.

    Christmas Spirit® Shop
    PO Box 90
    Bar Harbor, Maine 04609-0090
    Phone: 1-800-242-2913 or 207-288-8168
    E-mail: thebonos@christmasspiritshop.com


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