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Newsletter Archives:

Issue 127, December 2019Retirement Sale
Issue 126, December 2019Thank You
Issue 125, December 2019There's Still Time
Issue 124, November 2019Cyber Monday
Issue 123, November 2019Black Friday
Issue 122, October 2019Holiday Traditions
Issue 121, October 2019Order Early
Issue 120, September 2019New for Pets 2019
Issue 119, September 2019New for 2019
Issue 118, January 2019Stock Up for Milestones
Issue 117, December 2018Thank You
Issue 116, December 2018There's Still Time
Issue 115, November 2018Cyber Monday
Issue 114, November 2018Black Friday
Issue 113, November 2018Honoring Holiday Traditions
Issue 112, October 2018Order Early for Christmas
Issue 111, September 2018New Handcrafted Gifts
Issue 110, August 2018New for Pets
Issue 109, June 2018Dads and Grads
Issue 108, May 2018Mother's Day
Issue 107, December 2017Thank You
Issue 106, December 2017There's Still Time
Issue 105, November 2017Black Friday/Cyber Monday
Issue 104, November 2017Holiday Traditions
Issue 103, October 2017Order Early for Christmas
Issue 102, September 2017New Gifts for 2017
Issue 101, August 2017Gifts for Pets 2017
Issue 100, May 2017Spring and Summer 2017
Issue 99, December 2016Thank You
Issue 98, December 2016There's Still Time
Issue 97, November 2016Cyber Monday
Issue 96, November 2016Black Friday
Issue 95, November 2016Honoring Holiday Traditions
Issue 94, October 2016Order Early
Issue 93, September 2016New This Year
Issue 92, August 2016Back to School
Issue 91, July 2016Summer Vacation
Issue 90, June 2016Christmas in July
Issue 89, May 2016Dads and Grads
Issue 88, April 2016Mother's Day
Issue 87, March 2016Wedding and Wedding Favors
Issue 86, February 2016Winter Sports
Issue 85, January 2016Valentines Day
Issue 84, December 2015From Our Family to Yours
Issue 83, December 2015There's Still Time
Issue 82, November 2015Cyber Monday
Issue 81, November 2015Black Friday
Issue 80, October 2015Honoring Holiday Traditions
Issue 79, October 2015Order Early for Christmas
Issue 78, September 2015New Handcrafted Gifts by American Artists
Issue 77, August 2015Gifts for Grandparents Day
Issue 76, July 2015Souvenirs for Summer Vacation
Issue 75, June 2015Christmas in July
Issue 74, May 2015Father's Day and Graduation Gifts
Issue 73, May 2015Celebrate Weddings and Anniversaries
Issue 72, April 2015Handcrafted Gifts for Mother's Day
Issue 71, March 2015Handcrafted Gifts for Easter
Issue 70, February 2015Handcrafted Gifts for St. Patrick's Day
Issue 69, January 2015Handcrafted Gifts for Valentine's Day
Issue 68, December 2014From Our Family to Yours
Issue 67, December 2014There's Still Time to Order and Save
Issue 66, November 2014Cyber Monday Sale
Issue 65, November 2014Black Friday Sale
Issue 64, November 2014Holiday Traditions
Issue 63, October 2014Wrap Up Your Shopping Early
Issue 62, October 2014Introducing New Maine Artists
Issue 61, September 2014New Pinterest Page
Issue 60, July 2014Fun in the Sun
Issue 59, July 2014Christmas in July
Issue 58, June 2014Gifts for Graduates and Father's Day
Issue 57, May 20142014 Wedding and Anniversary Gifts
Issue 56, April 2014Happy Mother's Day
Issue 55, April 2014Celebrate Easter
Issue 54, March 2014Send Luck O' the Irish
Issue 53, November 2013Scarlett Says
Issue 52, November 2012New Gifts for Christmas
Issue 51, November 2011More New Gifts for Christmas
Issue 50, October 2011New for Christmas
Issue 49, November 2010New for Christmas
Issue 48, July 2010Welcome Back Artists
Issue 47, June 2010Upcycling Nature's Creations
Issue 46, May 2010Meet A Coastal Maine Artist
Issue 45, April 2010Everyday Gifts Under $15
Issue 44, March 2010New Carvings from a Family of Artisans
Issue 43, February 2010Winter Specials
Issue 42, January 2010Happy Valentine's Day
Issue 41, December 2009Happy Holidays
Issue 40, October 2009Family Traditions
Issue 39, September 2009Meet Our Newest Artist
Issue 38, August 2009Santas Go Green
Issue 37, July 2009A Family of Artists
Issue 36, June 2009Capture Your Summer Memories
Issue 35, May 2009June Celebrations
Issue 34, April 2009Celebrate the Mothers in Your Life
Issue 33, March 2009Honor Your Loved Ones
Issue 32, February 2009Wedding Favor Discounts
Issue 31, January 2009Valentine's Day
Issue 30, December 2008There's Still Time to Order
Issue 29, November 2008Order Early and Save
Issue 28, October 2008Fall Sports and Hobbies
Issue 27, August 2008Family Vacation
Issue 26, July 2008Appreciate Your Pet
Issue 25, June 2008Words of Wisdom
Issue 24, May 2008Dads and Grads
Issue 23, April 2008Thank a Mother
Issue 22, March 2008Quantity Discount Savings
Issue 21, March 2008Lots To Celebrate
Issue 20, January 2008Valentine's Day Gifts
Issue 19, November 2007Shop Early
Issue 18, August 2007Summer's Over, Back to School
Issue 17, July 2007Christmas in July
Issue 16, June 2007Featured Glass Artists
Issue 15, May 2007Dad's and Grad's
Issue 14, April 2007Mother's Day
Issue 13, April 2007Featured Artist
Issue 12, October 2006Early Christmas Shopping
Issue 11, May 2006Happy Mother's Day
Issue 10, March 2006Wedded Bliss
Issue 09, February 2006Featured Artist
Issue 08, October 2005Fall Savings
Issue 07, August 2005Back To School
Issue 06, July 2005Commemorate Your Vacation
Issue 05, June 2005Dad's and Grad's
Issue 04, March 2005Wedding Gifts
Issue 03, February 2005Valentine's Day
Issue 02, October 2004Early Christmas Spirit
Issue 01, September 2004Summer Vacation Memories

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